Brooklyn/Int. – Espace-Bois

Brooklyn - interior only



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Application : interior only
Species : Eastern White Cedar/Western Red Cedar
Profile : square/ V joint (Western Red Cedar)
Finish : charred, brushed and sealed



Good to know

Durability – In fact, the phenols and thuyaplicins naturally present in Cedar repel insects, prevents fungal implantation and even water infiltration. These properties even improve over time and more so in the case of exterior cladding made of charred Cedar.

Stability – Unlike other softwoods, Cedar is very stable, which means that it is less likely than other species to twist, crack or warp. The final product’s shape will remain intact for decades.

Warranty & installation guide

We work with Cedar, which in itself is a guarantee that you’ll be worry-free for 25 years. The products we offer are no-maintenance, but you can choose to treat your wood cladding with oils. In fact, some of our clients find that the wood’s natural ageing process is in line with their environmental values. Others who would like to seal as much as possible the original colour can, after a soft water brushing (no sanding), apply another coat of natural oil with UV protection if needed. Take a look at our installation guide to know how to make the best use of our cladding.